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Farmers may find white knight in white shrimp

“Farmers, investors, bankers and other business partners from the different sectors of the shrimp industry gathered at the Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) shrimp farm in Zambales to witness the successful harvest of white shrimp (also known as Vannamei) from the pioneering Best Small Farm (BSF) project.

Seeking to pave the way for a new era in aquaculture, CPF introduced the environment-friendly shrimp culture system to help Filipino shrimp growers achieve high productivity while keeping costs low and ensuring food safety.

The BSF’s main objective is to improve biosecurity in the farm and reduce the risk of disease contamination, which is the main threat in growing shrimp.

The BSF Pond Demo in CPF Farm, Zambales harvested 8,500 kilos of shrimp from just 1,600 square meters. This gives the pond a productivity of 53 tons per hectare with a feed conversion ratio of 1.30.

CPF Philippines has been consistently producing quality shrimp feeds at its factory in Samal, Bataan since 2013. Indeed, it takes pride in propelling the growth of the shrimp business in the country.”

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