The Center for Food and Agri Business (CFA) is the agri-food research and instruction arm of the University of Asia and and the Pacific.

It has been at the forefront of food and agribusiness research since 1983. It conducts industry, policy and strategy studies geared at enhancing the agri-food sector’s competitiveness.

It disseminates information to stakeholders via conferences, short courses, specialized seminars as well as its publications.

Further, it establishes networks and strategic alliances with other relevant institutions and stakeholders. Likewise, it develops and manages a comprehensive database for the sector.


The CFA traces its roots to the Agribusiness Unit of the Center for Research and Communication (CRC), the forerunner of UA&P. The unit began in 1983 with two staff members, Rolando T. Dy and Rene C. Gayo, as a pioneering group in food and agribusiness research in CRC. It evolved into the Institute of Agribusiness Development and Policy in 1995.

In 1997, it was renamed as the Center for Food and Agribusiness.

Today, CFA is one of the more established agri-food research institutions in the country.


To become a leading institution in agri-food education and research.


To make a difference in the agri-food sector by:
Developing human resources who will serve as catalysts for development;
Undertaking research towards global competitiveness; and
Pursuing training and extension programs

Research and Projects Capability

√ Agriculture
√ Food
√ Benchmarking
√ Competitiveness Analysis
√ Policy Analysis
√ Industry Analysis
√ Demand / supply analysis and forecasting
√ Supply / Value Chain Analysis
√ Project analysis
√ Financial and economic analysis
√ Special studies
√ Seminar / conference convenor

The CFA Staff has worked with the following clients:
  • World Bank, US Department of Agriculture, Japan External Trade Commission, German Technical Cooperation, Italian Trade Commission, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade-Australia, International Trade Strategies Pty Ltd.-Australia, and the Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • Government: Congressional Oversight Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization, Department of Agriculture, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), etc.
  • Private sector: Philippine Chamber of Agriculture and Food, Inc., Philippine Sugar Alliance, Cattle Feedlot Association of the Philippines, Tuna Canners Association of the Philippines, Seaweed Industry Association of the Philippines, Shell Philippines Foundation, other industry organizations and players, and several provincial governments.

What We Do

Aside from research works, we also disseminate information on agri-food sector to different stakeholders through the following:

  • Food and Agri Business Monitor (monthly publication)
  • Agribusiness and Rural Progress
  • Agriculture and Inclusive Growth (Sold Out)
  • The Business of Agribusiness
Seminars and Conferences
  • Food and Agri Business Conference (Mid-Year and Year-End)
  • ServSafe Certification Course
Executives’ Program
  • Agribusiness Executives’ Program

Meet the  TEAM