Food and Agri Business Monitor (FAM)

The FAM is a monthly magazine that features short articles on selected agri-food industries.


Agribusiness and Rural Progress: Actions for Poverty Reduction

A new book that calls for action on poverty reduction through a revitalized agribusiness sector…

Written by agribusiness expert Rolando T. Dy, “Agribusiness and Rural Progress: Actions for Poverty Reduction” contains 86 articles that cover the global and ASEAN fronts, local and regional perspectives, rural development,
governance, and commodity focus.

Agribusiness and Inclusive Growth: An Expert’s Advocacy (SOLD OUT)

Agribusiness and Inclusive Growth lays the basis for achieving inclusive growth through a collection of well-crafted artciles that call for increased support for rural development activities that have been neglected through the years.  It contains three chapters, specifically on ASEAN landscape and competitiveness, Philippine challenges and opportunities and industry specifics.

The Business of Agribusiness: From the Roots to the Fruits

The long-awaited and first-of-its-kind book on agribusiness to be published in the country in several decades.

Food for Thought: How Agribusiness is Feeding the World (SOLD OUT)

“Food for Thought” is the first of its kind that takes a broad look at global agribusiness and reveals the extent of the sector’s reach and significance.

Food and Agriculture Centennial Book (FAC) (SOLD OUT)
100 Years of Philippine Agriculture (1998)

 The FAC discusses important milestones in the history of the different food and agri industries in the past 100 years.