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Nz’s number one export product is cow’s milk in 2017

From Food Navigator-Asia, “NZ’s food exports have long been dominated by lamb and dairy, but new reports highlighted the rapidly-emerging categories which displayed double-digit growth rates.

     These involved 51 high-growth categories. On top are: sweet corn, cherries, mixed preserved fruits, blueberries, chilled salmon and avocadoes, Manuka honey, chilled whole salmon, filled chocolate bars, breakfast cereals and muesli bars, and flavored beverages.

     Overall, these have export potential of US$7.2 billion (B) (NZ$10 B).”

The World’s Top Exports reported New Zealand’s Top Exports as follows:

1. Dairy, eggs, honey: US$10.2 B (27.6 percent of total)

2. Meat: $4.7 B (12.7 percent)

3. Wood: $3.3 B (9 percent)

4. Fruits, nuts: $1.9 B (5.1 percent)

5. Beverages, spirits, vinegar: $1.4 B (3.7 percent)

6. Fish: $1.1 B (3.1 percent)

7. Cereal/milk preparations: $1.1 B (2.9 percent)

8. Machinery including computers: $979 million (M) (2.6 percent)

9. Modified starches, glues, enzymes: $885 M (2.4 percent)

10. Miscellaneous food preparations: $873 M (2.4 percent)

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