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NEW BOOK: Transforming Agribusiness: Staying relevant in a changing world

Rolando Dy Book Transforming Agribusiness

The newest book of agribusiness guru Dr. Rolando Dy (+) is out now!

In an ever-changing world, how does agribusiness stay relevant?

The new book “Transforming agribusiness: Staying relevant in a changing world” delves into the key issues and opportunities that can define the future of Philippine agribusiness. It draws from the long years of experience and reflections of agribusiness guru Dr. Rolando T. Dy.

In an era where the status quo is no longer sufficient, the book offers both an inspiration and a call to action.

The book highlights the crucial role of agribusiness especially in meeting the food requirements of a growing population amid the increasing scarcity of resources and climate change. It provides insights and lessons on the workings of agribusiness from various viewpoints: global, regional (ASEAN) and local. It highlights areas of weaknesses which need to be worked on, and strengths that can be capitalized on in order to level up agribusiness. It also draws learnings from ASEAN experiences.

The book devotes a separate chapter on poverty, which is mainly an agricultural phenomenon in the country. The poorest sectors belong to farming and fishery.

Aside from its role in ensuring food security, agribusiness is a major driving force that can enhance livelihoods and lift people out of poverty.

The book espouses that to remain relevant, agribusiness has to evolve, innovate and transform. There is much to do and a lot of ground to cover. Better coordination, collaboration and integration needs to happen across the country, the supply value chains, among institutions both public and private.

The author, Dr. Rolando T. Dy (+), is dubbed as the intellectual giant on Philippine agribusiness. He has been an observer of international agribusiness development for 40 years, with engagements in the ASEAN countries, especially Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

He was a full professor of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) and former Executive Director of its Center for Food and Agri Business, which he established. He was the founder and former Academic Director of the UA&P Agribusiness Executives’ Program, and former dean of the UA&P School of Management. He has held leadership positions in various professional organizations and has had consultancy engagements in both government and private sectors.

“Transforming Agribusiness: Staying relevant in a changing world” is his fifth and last book. He has written the best-sellers “Agribusiness: Pathways to Prosperity” (2019), “Agribusiness and Rural Progress: Actions for Poverty Reduction” (2017), “Agribusiness and Inclusive Growth: An Expert’s Advocacy” (2015), and “Food for Thought: How Agribusiness is Feeding the World” (2009).

For inquiries about the book, please contact the UA&P Center for Food and Agri Business c/o Loreine at 0923-6905902 or email: [email protected].

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