NEW BOOK: Transforming Agribusiness: Staying relevant in a changing world

The newest book of agribusiness guru Dr. Rolando Dy (+) is out now! In an ever-changing world, how does agribusiness stay relevant? The new book “Transforming agribusiness: Staying relevant in a changing world” delves into the key issues and opportunities that can define the future of Philippine agribusiness. It draws from the long years of

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The Food and Agri Business Monitor is now available in epub, pdf and online formats. Whether you are using your ebook reader, laptop, mobile phone or desktop, the FAM will surely be readable. Be updated and read industry insights from agribusiness experts.  Featured articles and industry analyses that are carefully written by our staff are also

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The Center for Food and Agri Business is proud to offer the digital format of the publication, Food and Agri Business Monitor (FAM).  Released twice a month, the FAM features industry articles with colorful infographics and updates as well as commentaries from agribusiness experts. The FAM also monitors monthly prices such as regional and Metro

A new book will be out tomorrow!

A new book that calls for action on poverty reduction through a revitalized agribusiness sector will be out soon. Written by Prof. Rolando T. Dy of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), “Agribusiness and Rural Progress: Actions for Poverty Reduction” contains 86 articles that cover the global and ASEAN fronts, local and regional perspectives,