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Duterte signs AO removing non-tariff barriers to agri importation

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte signed the Administrative Order (AO) 13, which removes the non-tariff barriers to agricultural products.  The move was to ease the prices of basic agricultural commodities. President Duterte said that the AO would take effect immediately.

Non-tariff barriers include import quotas, import permits, and sanitary permits, among others.  Aside from these, importation of certain agricultural goods beyond the authorized minimum access volume will be allowed and with reduced rates, if applicable.  Additional rice importation beyond the approved MAV was also directed to the National Food Authority (NFA) Council as well as to temporarily allow direct importation of sugar-using industries to lower input cost.

Surveillance team will be formed composed of different agencies and departments such as the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), NFA, National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police.  This team will monitor the distribution of agricultural products to warehouses and retail outlets and prevent illegal acts of price manipulation.

A monthly status will also be provided by the Department of Agriculture, DTI, NFA, Sugar Regulatory Administration and Bureau of Customs.