Agribusiness Executives' Program

Start your journey towards a better company

Broaden your horizon and expertise and shape your company’s future! Join our over 100 alumni who are now improving their business and company’s path using the knowledge that they gained through the course.

With AEP, you will deepen your understanding of value chain and competitiveness, expand your perspective and insights that will drive your company’s future.

As executive or manager, you will strengthen your core management skills through a deeper understanding of the general management tools to execute for greater effectiveness and impact on organizational roles.

The Agribusiness Executives’ Program (AEP) is a 6-month Certificate Program designed to develop the managerial, analytical and strategic thinking skills of executives and managers.

Both content and design are based on a comprehensive needs analysis and innovative design process done in collaboration with agribusiness industry practitioners and experts.


 ¨ Highly integrated program consisting of six modules

¨ Three-day classes every month (Thursday to Saturday)

¨ Lectures by leading agribusiness experts, industry practitioners and guest lecturers

¨ An action-learning approach, with emphasis on skills development and application of learnings to field-based projects and organizations

 · Case methodThrough the use of realistic case studies,  this method will challenge participants to revise approaches to strategic decision-making, question long-held assumptions, develop personal capabilities and acquire new tools to become a successful business leader.

· Peer learningThrough intense peer interaction and exchanging ideas.  The power of dialogue and teamwork in dealing successfully with the challenges of the job.

· VarietyThe program comprises lectures, simulations, and breakout sessions. 

· LecturesDelivered by leading agribusiness expertsindustry practitioners and guest lecturers.

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