Indonesian food sector cooperates with Korea

Originally posted at Published : 2017-04-10 18:11 Updated : 2017-04-10 18:11 The ASEAN-Korea Center in Seoul held a trade facilitation workshop in Indonesia last week in the food and beverage sector. The seminars in Jakarta and Makassar, Indonesia, on April 4 and Thursday, respectively, drew 550 representatives from Indonesia’s micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and

Protect small farms to meet growing global food needs, study says

FAM DIGITAL – MAY 2017 Originally posted at PHOTO: Reuters REUTERS Apr 05, 2017 FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email As the world moves towards large-scale plantation agriculture, it’s crucial poor countries protect small farmers to meet the food needs of a growing global population, said a study from Australian researchers published on Wednesday. More than half of the world’s

Fruits and vegetables’ latest superpower? Lowering blood pressure

FAM DIGITAL – MAY 2017 Science News from research organizations Originally posted at Fruits and vegetables’ latest superpower? Lowering blood pressure Dietary potassium linked with lower blood pressure Date: April 5, 2017 Source: University of Southern California – Health Sciences Summary: A new study links increased dietary potassium with lower blood pressure. Share: FULL STORY