Singapore turns vacant space into urban farms

Resource-scarce Singapore is turning vacant pockets of land into space for urban farming as the island city strives to ease its reliance on imported food. The wealthy city-state imports more than 90% of its food, much of it from neighboring countries, which can leave it exposed to potential supply chain disruptions. You can read the

Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA)

Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) 33 per cent stake, as the single largest shareholder in Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV) is now represented with the appointment of three new directors (New Straits Times, July13, 2017). FGV is the world’s largest palm oil producer and oil palm plantation operator, based on planted hectares. You can read

Vietnam: Lower pepper prices, a cause for concern

Industry leaders have called on anxious pepper farmers to remain calm and refrain from selling their produce at low prices, saying the current price plunge is most likely a fleeting phenomenon.Vietnamese pepper exports now account for nearly 50 per cent of global output. You can read the original article at

Shortage of migrant labor hits Thailand

Many sectors, including construction, fisheries and agriculture face labor shortages due to the new labor law.  More than 5 million migrants are working in Thailand, but only half  are documented. You can access the whole article at

France to Restrict Use of Palm Oil in Biofuels

France will restrict the use of palm oil in producing biofuels to reduce deforestation, Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot said early June. Special tax bills have been tabled on the use of palm oil in food, citing environmental damage caused by plantations. Indonesia and Malaysia, the world’s two largest palm oil producers, opposed such a tax. You can

Mintel talks trends in sugar and sweeteners

Sugar reduction is a trend among most consumers (84%), with millennials leading the charge citing more reasons than older consumers for following the health trend, according Mintel. You can access the whole article at