Indonesia’s Natural Rubber Industry

Indonesia has a low level of productivity per hectare compared to its ASEAN competitors. This is in large part due to the general older age of its rubber trees in combination with low investment capability of the smallholder farmers. Whereas Thailand produces 1,800 kilogram (kg) of rubber per hectare per year, Indonesia only manages to

Food sector comprises one third of all manufacturing in Australia

Australia’s food and grocery sector turnover totalled $125.9 billion in 2014-15, comprising: Food and beverage processing $103.2 billion Grocery (non-food) manufacturing $16.9 billion Fresh produce (minimally transformed) $5.9 billion The defined industry represents 33.3 per cent of total Australian manufacturing by turnover with a combined value added of approximately $32.0 billion in 2014-15. The total value

Rice import restriction extended

THE Philippines is keeping the quantitative restriction on rice purchases in place for three more years, limiting supplies from major sellers like Thailand and Vietnam, according to an executive order released on Monday. The maximum volume of rice that private traders can ship in annually will remain at 805,200 tons until 2020, with the tariff