The Food and Agri Business Monitor (FAM) is a monthly magazine that features short articles on selected agri-food industries.  It provides agri-food related notes or commentaries from the CFA staff.  It also presents monthly price monitors of selected fresh and processed agricultural commodities.

Every end of each quarter, the FAM contains the Food and Agri Business Papers which provides in-depth analyses of food and agri industries including relevant policy issues, plus quarterly statistics on the country’s leading agricultural exports and imports.

With the digital edition, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Timely release (no more delays in delivery)
  2. Portability (read the monitor anytime and anywhere)
  3. Lower subscription fee
  4. Colorful graphs and infographics to help you understand the article in a glance
  5. Advertise your products and services at a discounted rate (we have special packages for you)

Do you want to check how our magazine looks like?  Check it here:

FAM Digital March 2017