List of Articles

Mar-17 –       Craft Coffee: The Third Wave Coffee Shops in the Philippines J. Orzales
–       Rice farming can be profitable R. Dy
Feb-17 –       Narratives from Agribusiness Experts R. Dy
–       The Flourishing Bakeshop Business R. Miranda
Jan-17 –       Growing Agriculture: The Simple Math R. Dy
–       An Industry Brief on Edible Mushrooms D. Macabasco
Nov – Dec 2016 –       Feasting on Christmas Hams R. Miranda
–       Merry CHEESEmas: A Situationer on Christmas Cheese J. Orzales
–       Provincial Trading Hubs** R. Dy
Oct-16 –       Eight Strategic Products R. Dy
–       Tomato: An Industry Brief D. Macabasco
Sep-16 –       Philippine Agribusiness Corridors RTD
–       Population Growth and Markets RTD
Aug-16 –       Competitiveness by Export Market Share RTD
–       Cassava Industry in the Philippines JLO
Jul-16 –       Agriculture Agenda under the Duterte Administration
–       Agriculture Performance in 2015 and Scenarios in 2016 CFA
Jun-16 –       Irrigation: A Driver of Agricultural Productivity and Growth SUR
–       Rural Poverty and Farm Productivity** RTD
May-16 –       Economic and Agriculture Scores of Philippine Presidents RTD
–       The Philippine Salty Snacks Industry DRM
Apr-16 –       Agri Exports: Scorecard of Presidents RTD
–       Determinants of Poverty Reduction in Selected ASEAN Countries AGD
Mar-16 –       The Philippine Dairy Industry RBM
–       Forgotten but Promising Fruits** RTD
Feb-16 –       SC’s Bt Talong Ruling: What are the Economic Implications? RTD
–       The Tale of Two “Julie’s” SUR
Jan-16 –       Trans-Pacific Partnership: What it means for Philippine agribusiness RTD
–       A Tea-ser on the Philippine Tea Industry DRM
Nov – Dec 2015 –       Sustainable Development Goals:  A Challenge to the Next Three Presidents RTD
–       Benchmarking the ASEAN Rubber Industry RTD/AGD
–       Agriculture Scenarios in 2015-2016** CFA
Oct-15 –       Water Use Conflict:  The Case of Angat Dam RTD
–       A Sweet Spot of the Softdrinks Industry RBM
Sep-15 –       The Korean Wave: Of Food, Telenovelas, Gadgets and What Have You SUR
–       The 2015-2016 Drought: What to Expect** RTD
Aug-15 –       Agriculture Performance in 2014 and Scenarios in 2015 (Part 2) CFA
–       Philippine Agriculture and the President’s SONAs, 2010-2015 DRM
Jul-15 –       Agriculture Performance in 2014 and Scenarios in 2015 (Part 1) CFA
–       Consumer Market Implications of Poverty Reduction RTD
Jun-15 –       The Philippine Potato Industry JLO
–       Rural Poverty and Land Reform** RTD
May-15 –       Rural Poverty Reduction: Land Reform Matters RTD
–       A Brief on the Philippine Ginger Industry DRM
Apr-15 –       Benchmarking the Farm Productivity of Provinces RTD
–       A Dip into the Philippine Ketchup Industry DRM
Mar-15 –       Meals on Wheels: Food Truck Business in the Philippines DRM
–       Poverty and Farm Productivity (ASEAN Scorecard)** RTD
Feb-15 –       Urban Gardening: A Sustainable Business AGD
–       AEC: How the Philippines Fares against ASEAN Agri-Food Players RTD
Jan-15 –       Oh my Gulay! (…it will be a better year in 2015)* AB
–       Building a Multinational Brand: The Oishi Story RTD
November December 2014 –       Ticket Out of Rural Poverty: Competent and Sound Project RTD
–       A Bright Bread Market Ahead SUR
–       Agriculture Scenarios in 2014-2015** CFA
Oct-14 –       Revisiting the Garlic Industry DRM
–       Momentum and Inertia in Rural Development RTD
Sep-14 –       The Avoidable Tragedy of Rural Poverty RTD
–       Global Price Volatility of Selected Agricultural Products** RTD, RBM
Aug-14  Agriculture Performance in 2013 and Scenarios in 2014 (Second of Two Parts) CFA
–       Saving our Coconut Farmers by Using our Coconuts RTD
Jul-14  Agriculture Performance in 2013 and Scenarios in 2014 (First of Two Parts) CFA
–       The Dramatic Transformation of Rural Malaysia RTD
Jun-14 –       Convenience Stores in the Philippines JLO
–       Agri-Food Exports: Why Thailand is a Model of Diversification** RTD
May-14 –       A Pick of the Philippine Fruit Industry DRM
–       Philippine Agri-Food Industry Clusters: Is There Scope for Expansion?    RTD
Apr-14 –       Seafood and Aquaculture Exports: Benchmarking the AEC RTD
–       Agriculture and Fisheries Mechanization: Retrospect and Prospects SUR
Mar-14 –       Chicken Meat: Market Trends, Price Competitiveness and Forecasts AGD
–       Bangsamoro: The Quest for Inclusive Growth RTD
Feb-14 –       AFTA 2015: Is the Agri-Food Sector Ready? RTD
–       A Sweet Bite of the Philippine Donut Industry JLO
Jan-14 –       Strategic Agility in the Agri-Food Sector RTD
–       An Overview of Agriculture Employment in the Philippines –       DRM
November December 2013 –       Food Staples: The Filipino Consumption Pattern SUR
–       Agriculture Scenarios in 2013-2014 CFA
–       Reviving Visayas Agriculture and Fishery: A Marshall Plan? RTD
Oct-13 –       Seaweeds/Carrageenan Industry: Stability in the Face of Shocks FMS
–       Up in the Air: The Philippine Inflight Catering Industry JLO
Sep-13 –       The Dramatic Rise of Vietnam Agriculture
–       Coconut Farmers: A SONA Special Mention** RTD/SUR
Aug-13 –       Milkfish Industry in the Philippines JLO
–       A Brief on Energy Drinks DRM
Jul-13 –       Agriculture Performance in 2012 and Scenarios in 2013 CFA
–       Price responsiveness of Cigarette demand AGD
Jun-13 –       Bioethanol in the Philippines DPC
–       The Challenges of Shaping Policies RTD
May-13 –       The Tilapia Industry in the Philippines JLO
–       Philippine Agri-Food Trade: Smuggling and Tax Evasion RTD
Apr-13 –       Philippine Agriculture Trade with the United States DRM
–       The Sugar Industry Under AFTA in 2015 RTD
Mar-13 –       The Biscuit Industry in the Philippines JLO
–       Are Rural Infrastructure Serving their Purposes?** RTD
Feb-13 –       Soybean in the Philippines DPC
–       Agriculture Investments and Long-Term Finance RTD
Jan-13 –       Coconut: Awakening a (Sleeping?) Giant SUR
–       The Business of Tree Crops (Their Role in Priming the Rural Markets) RTD
November December 2012 –       The Economic Impact of Typhoon Pablo RTD
–       Philippine Rubber Industry: Building Competitiveness amid Challenges AGD
–       A Snapshot of the Philippine Fertilizer Industry
–       Agriculture Scenarios in 2012-2013** DPC
Oct-12 –       An Industry Situationer on Lettuce DRM
–       The Philippine Spirits Industry JLO
Sep-12 –       Olive Oil: A Healthier Alternative Cooking Oil DPC
–       The Discrepancies in Philippine Imports of Palm Oil Products (What is going on?)** RTD
Aug-12 –       Urban Farming: The Basics of Aquaponics JLO
–       Food and Agri Exports to India and the Middle East RTD
Jul-12 –       Agriculture Performance in 2011 and Scenarios in 2012-2013 CFA
–       An Overview of Philippine Agricultural Trade with China DRM
Jun-12 –       What Lies Ahead for the Philippine Tobacco Industry JLO
–       The Eating Out Market: Then and Now** AGD
May-12 –       Food and Agri Exports to Oceania RTD
–       A Scoop into the RP Ice Cream Business DPC
Apr-12 –       A Tea-ser on Milk Tea in the Philippines DRM
–       Food and Agri Exports to Europe RTD
Mar-12 –       Food and Agri Exports to North America RTD
–       The Flour Industry: Caught up in Uncertain Times** SUR
Feb-12 –       Exporting Food and Agri Products to Southeast Asia RD
–       The Snack Food Industry in the Philippines JLO
Jan-12 –       Food and Agri Exports to East Asia RTD
–       Pineapple: An Industry Update DRM
November-December 2011 –       Agri-food Export size, growth and product diversification: Benchmarking the Philippines RTD
–       What’s Brewing in the Philippine Coffee Industry?
–       The Philippine Chicken Market JLO
Oct-11 –       Cheers to the Philippine Beer Industry
–       Golden Food Treats: Glimpses of Tradition and Modernization SUR
Sep-11 –       A Situationer on Peanut DRM
–       Relating Agriculture to Rural Poverty and Nutrition AGD
Aug-11 –       An Overview of the Philippine Soy Sauce Industry JLO
–       A Situationer on Philippine Bananas DRM
–       Agriculture Performance in 2010 and Scenarios in 2011-2012 CFA
Jul-11     –     Agriculture Performance in 2010 and Scenarios in 2011-2012 CFA
    –     Philippine Fast Food Industry: Keeping up with the Changing    Lifestyle SUR
Jun-11 –       The Battle over Pork Importation FMS
–       An Overview of the Agribusiness Sector in the Philippines** AGD
May-11 –       An Overview of the RP Onion Industry DPC
–       A Brief on the Processed Food and Beverage Industry in the Philippines DRM
Apr-11 –       Agribusiness: Global Challenges, Opportunities and    Competitiveness RTD
–       The Sweet World of Chocolates in the Philippines
Mar-11 –       Meat Consumption Patterns of Filipinos AGD
–       Will White Corn be the Holy Grail of Food Security?** RTD
Feb-11 –       Tree Crop Development (A Much Ignored Poverty Reducing Strategy?) RTD
    –     Pasta! Blending with the Filipino Cuisine
Jan-11     –     Food Security, Climate Change and the Tibetan Plateau RTD
    –     Philippine Cutflower Industry: A Situationer JLO
    –     Price Volatility in Agricultural Markets FAO
November- December 2010 –       The Philippines’ Competitive Scorecard RTD
–       Philippine Forestry and Forest Products AGD
–       A Taste of the Bread Industry in the Philippines DRM
–       Agriculture Scenarios in 2010-2011** CFA
Oct-10 –    Will There be Another Rice Crisis in 2011? RTD
–    An Update on the Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund DRM
Sep-10 –       Agricultural Credit: A View at the Formal Sector SUR
–       Solving Rural Poverty (P-Noy’s Potential Greatest Legacy)** RTD
Aug-10 –       Great Partners Enterprise:  Pioneering the Turkey Business in the Philippines DPC
–       An Analysis of the Philippine Layer Industry
Jul-10 –       International Trade Fairs:  Selling RP’s Agri Products in the Global Marketplace DRM
–       Agriculture Performance in 2009 and Scenarios for 2010-2011
Jun-10 –       What’s Brooding in Philippine Poultry Genetics MMA
–       Irrigation Development in the Philippines** DRM
May-10 –       Price Trend Analysis of Selected Fastfood Items DRM
–       AFMA Allocation and Poverty Incidence:  Are They Related? AGD
Apr-10 –       Adding Value to the Lowly Camote DPC
–       Shellfish:  Treasures of the Sea SUR
Mar-10 –       The Impact of El Niño on Philippine Agriculture** DRM
–       Food Catering:  Changing the Art of Celebrating MMA
Feb-10 –       Philippine Moringa: The Golden Green Industry MMA
–       Filipino Spending and Demand Trends on Prime Food Commodities AGD
Jan-10 –       The Philippine Cattle: Still Far From Moving Forward? MMA
–       The Sweet and Bitter Sides of the Philippine Cacao Industry DPC
Nov – Dec 2009 –       The World of Agribusiness RTD
–       Brown Rice:  Adding Color to the Rice Industry FMS
–       Value-Added Products:  Moving Demand for Potatoes SUR
–       Agriculture Scenarios in 2009-2010** CFA
Oct-09 –       Philippine Corn Amid Free Trade AGD
–       A Spice of the Black Pepper Industry DRM
Sep-09 –       Instant Noodles: An Instant Hit Among Consumers DPC
–       Sugar:  Negotiating for a Sweeter Future** FMS
Aug-09 –       Philippine Agricultural Trade with AFTA AGD
–       NATC Beverages:  Supplementing Health SUR
–       Agriculture Performance and in 2008 and Scenarios in 2009-2010 (Part II) CFA
Jul-09 –       Goat: Poor Man’s Cow No More MMA
–       Agriculture Performance in 2008 and Scenarios in 2009-2010 (Part I)* CFA
Jun-09 –       Dried Mango:  Preserving RP’s Dried Fruit Industry DRM
–       Water: Too Big an Issue** SUR
May-09 –       The Philippine Carabao Industry: Revisiting the Beast of Burden MMA
–       A Look at Ready-to-Use Salad Dressings in the Philippines DPC
Apr-09 –       Biodynamic Farming: Going Beyond Organic MMA
–       An Overview of the Food Franchise Sector in the Philippines DRM
Mar-09 –       The Fruit Spread Market in the Philippines DPC
–       Land Reform Program:   Learning from Other Countries’ Experiences** AGD
Feb-09 –       Halal: Not Just Your Faith-Based Foods MMA
–       A Look at Pig Genetics in the Philippines FMS
Jan-09 –       An Overview of Hotels and Restaurants in the Philippines AGD
–       A Sip of the Philippine Juice Industry DRM
November – December 2008 –       Artificial Sweeteners: Making the Sugar-Free Industry Sweeter MMA
–       Deli Meats: Giving Filipinos A Different Slice FMS
–       Agriculture Scenarios in 2008-2009** CFA
Oct-08 –       An Overview of the Chocolate Drink Sector DPC
–       Fortified Foods:  Ingredient to a Healthier You SUR
Sep-08 –       Softdrinks Industry:  Another Side of a Filipino’s Beverage Life DRM
–       An Analysis of Income Spending and Food Expenditure of Filipino Households**
Aug-08 –       The Supermarket Business in the Philippines DRM
–       Can Peru Profit from Asia? (Trade and Investment  in the Agri-Food Sector) RTD
Jul-08 –       Cold Cereal in the Philippines DPC
–       White Corn:  Stable Staple? SUR
–       Agriculture Performance in 2007 and Scenarios in 2008-2009** CFA
Jun-08 –       An Analysis of Food and Input Prices AGD
–       Agriculture Performance in 2007 and Scenarios in 2008-2009** CFA
May-08 –       The Ready-to-Drink Tea Segment of the Philippine Beverage Industry DRM
–       Fresh Milk for Your Coffee
Apr-08 –       Food Carts/Booths: Bringing Food Closer to the Customer SUR
–       Global Competitiveness of Philippine Rubber AGD
Mar-08 –       The Philippine Vegetable Industry DRM
–       The Rice Situation:  Is There a Shortage?** RTD
Feb-08 –       A Dip Into the Philippine Vinegar Industry DPC
–       Jatropha: A Look at a Feedstock Alternative FMS
Jan-08 –       Cross Country Analysis of the Natural Rubber Industry AGD
–       Getting to Know RP’s Indigenous Vegetables DRM
–       Organic Basics for the French Marketplace AG EXP
Nov – Dec 2007 –       Food Trip: A(parri) to Z(amboanga) SUR
–       Comparative Advantage and Competitive Strength of RP’s Top  Agri Exports AGD
–       Sugar: Sweetening the Philippine Economy
–           A Look into the Philippine  Vegetarian Business DPC
Oct-07 –           Microfinance in Philippine Agriculture AGD
Sep-07 –           Snack Cakes: A Snapshot SUR
–           Globalization of Agriculture and the Crisis in the Delivery of Extension Services* / ** DR. BONIFACIO
Aug-07 –       The Philippine Banana Chips Industry DRM
–     Catfish, Rice and Fried Fruit Stories (A Short Sortie into Vietnam) RTD
–     An Overview   of the Philippine Pineapple Industry
Jul-07 –     Milk:  A Long Shot in the Filipino Diet SUR
–     Agriculture Performance in 2006 and Scenarios in 2007-2008** (Part II) CFA
Jun-07 –     Savoring the Meal Mixes and Sauces Industry DRM
–     Agriculture Performance in 2006 and Scenarios in 2007-2008** (Part I) CFA
May-07 –     Philippines: A Cheesy Market For Cheese FMS
–     The Cassava Industry:  A Fleshy Story DPC
Apr-07 –     The Philippine Convenience Store Industry DRM
–     Aquaculture:  Fastest Animal-Food Producing Sector AGD
–     Driving China’s Markets* AG EXPO
Mar-07 –     Canola Oil: LSF*  on the pan SUR
–     Food vs. Fuel:  Is There a Conflict? The Philippine Case** RTD
Feb-07 –     A Scent of the Philippine Cutflower Industry DPC
–     The Philippine Petfood Market FMS
Jan-07 –     The Casual and Fine Dining Segments of the Philippine Food Service Industry DRM
–     Variety as a Competitive Edge
–     Strict Government Control Characterizes Chinese Biofuel Development* RTD
Nov-Dec 2006 –     Palm Oil:  Complementing Coconut Oil SUR
–     Philippine Tuna Industry:  Benchmarking with Selected Countries AGD
–     Philippine Food Treats for the Holidays
–     Agriculture Scenarios in 2006-2007** DRM
Oct-06 –     Growing Philippine Agriculture:  Unresolved Strategic Issues? RTD
–     Sugar Confectionery:  Delighting the Filipino’s Sweet Tooth RMO
Sep-06 –     A Toast of the Wine Industry in the Philippines DRM
–     The Natural Rubber Industry:  An Expansion Long Overdue** SUR
Aug-06 –     Tree Crops Development:  Where is the Philippines in the Pack? RTD
–     A Peel of the Onion Industry
Jul-06 –     A Bite of the Biscuits and Cookies Market in the Philippines RMO
–     Supply and Demand Trends for Philippine Wood Products AGD
Jun-06 –     Savoring the Beer Industry JTP
–     Risks and Gains in Philippine Food and Agriculture** CFA
May-06 –     The Brewing Business of the Philippines Specialty Coffee Shop Industry RMO
–     The Philippine Fertilizer Industry
Apr-06 –    Organic Agriculture in the Philippines DRM
–    Supply and Demand Analysis:  A Determinant for      Investment Decision? RTD
Mar-06 –    Biofuel:  Creating New Opportunities for Agriculture SUR
–    Price and Income Elasticities of Demand for Fish, AGD
     Meat and Poultry Products**
Feb-06 –       The Complementing Business of Ice Cream Cones RMO
–       AFMA:  A New Lease on Life SUR
–       Food Processing in China Flourishing* AG EXPO
Jan-06 –       The Philippine Feeds Industry FMS
–       The Cool Business of Ice Cream RMO
November-December 2005 –       All About the Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund AGD
–       What is happening to Agribusiness Investments under Land Access Constraints?
–       Revving up on Energy Drinks RTD
–       Agriculture Scenarios in 2005-2006**
Oct-05 –       JD Island Food Concepts Corporation:  Large Business From Extra Large Fries RMO
–       Tokwa, Taho, Tofu:  The Commodity Has Come of Age (A Soybean Story)
–       Pacific Rim Population Growth Offers Export Opportunities* SUR
Sep-05 –       Sweet Corn:  Staple to Culinary Vegetable AGD
–       Philippine Agricultural Trade:  The Big Picture** DRM
Aug-05 –       The Rising Business of French Fries RMO
–       Tobacco Industry:  Down to the Last Puff SUR
Jul-05 –       Milkfish:  Market Trends and Forecasts AGD
–       Benchmarking Essentials for Globalization RTD
–       “Let’s Feed our Families with Dignity, Serve our People Well” * DA SEC. PANGANIBAN
Jun-05 –       A Load of RP’s Imported Fresh Fruit Industry DRM
–       Philippine Food and Agriculture:  Demand Squeeze and Cost Push? (FAP***) CFA
May-05 –       Pasta! Pasta! (A Look into the Market for Imported and Local Pasta) RMO
–       The Philippine Broiler Industry:  Are at Par or Far?
Apr-05 –       Food Consumption:  Are Filipinos eating enough? AGD
–       Musings on Philippine Agribusiness (From a Bystander) RTD
–       Opportunity Knocks for Organics in Singapore* AG EXPO
Mar-05 –       Sugar Industry:  Sweeter than Ever FMS
–       Biotechnology in the Philippines (FAP** – external writer) DR. PECSON
Feb-05 –       Drink All You Can:  A Glimpse of the Imported Fruit Juice Market FSM STUDS
–       The Powdered Segment of the Fruit Juice Industry
Jan-05 –       Philippine Tuna Products in the Global Market:  How Much Work Remains to be Done? AGD
–       The Pizza-tion of the Nation
Nov-Dec 2004 –       Snackfoods in the Philippines DRM
–          Food Consumption:  ‘Tis the season to be eating SUR
–          Education as a key to the competitiveness of the food industry RTD
–          Agriculture Scenarios in 2004-2005 (FAP**)
Oct-04 –          Philippine Farmed Tilapia:  Can we go global? AGD
–          Seaweed/Carrageenan Industry:  Addressing supply barriers FMS
–          8-point Agenda for agriculture and fishery in the first 100 days* DA
Sep-04 –          The Cavendish Banana Export Industry RTD, DRM
–          Reaching France’s Retail Food System* AG EXPO
–          Bukidnon:  Mindanao’s Agribusiness Haven (FAP**) RTD
Aug-04 –          A Treat of the Philippine Donut Industry RMO
–          Extracts of the Calamansi Industry DRM
–          Agriculture Scenarios and Medium-Term Agenda (Part II) CFA
Jul-04 –          Agriculture Scenarios and Medium-Term Agenda (Part I) CFA
–          Garlic: The Other Half of the Saute Tandem SUR
Jun-04 –          Spreads of Butter and Margarine RBB
–          Aquaculture: Meeting Fish Shortfall (FAP**) AGD
May-04 –          The Superb Business of Supermarkets RMO
–          Onion: A Matter of Pungency SUR
–          Focus on Emerging Chinese Market*
Apr-04 –          The Philippine Fruit Industry DRM
–          Tomatoes: As Red As Life
–          Spain:  Looking for the Right Ingredients*
Mar-04 –          Slicing the Bread Industry
–          Making Innovations Work for the Philippine Agriculture and Food Industry (FAP**)
Feb-04 –          Iced Tea: Brisk Business in the Philippines
–          Philippine Food Market: Retrospect and Prospects
Jan-04 –          Sweet Potato: Poor Man’s Crop No more
–          Veterinary Products: Caring for the Livestock and Poultry Industries
–          Criteria for Presidential Platforms *
Nov.- Dec. 2003 –          The Odds of RP Forest and Wood Products
–          Asian Agriculture and Agribusiness: A Study of Changing Competitive Advantage
–          Corn:  Weakest Link in the Feed-Poultry/ Livestock Supply Chain?
–          Agriculture Employment in the Philippines (FAP**) SUR
Oct-03 –          Milling the Feed Business
–          Tracking Agri-Food Trade of Selected Asian Countries
–          WTO:  A Victory for Farmers but the Struggle Continues*
Sep-03 –          Queen Food Mfg. Corp: Reigning over the Philippine Preserves Market
–          Slipping Into a Healthier Vegetable Oils Industry (FAP**)
Aug-03 –          A Crack on the Peanut Industry
–          Getting High on Airline Catering
–          Taiwan’s Taste for US Fruits*
Jul-03 –          Philippine Canned Tuna: What’s Next?
–          A Brief on the Mango Industry
Jun-03 –          The Japanese Market for Philippine Agri. Food Products
–          Hog in the limelight (FAP**)
May-03 –          Gema Coco Foods Corp. New Age Products from the Tree of Life
–          A Closer Look at Philippine Vegetable Imports
Apr-03 –          A Peek into the Philippine Convenience Store Industry
–          Fish and Seafood’s: Market-based Sunrise Products
–          Large Chains Drive Thailand’s Retail Sector*
Mar-03 –          The Improving Market for Packaged Foods
–          Tracking GDP Growth and Rural incomes: What is the Bottom line? (FAP**)
Feb-03 –          Chicken Egg: The Belittled Industry
–          Water: Tap, Bottled, Refilled, and Delivered SUR
–          China is Playing a Growing Role in Global Vegetable Trade*
Jan-03 –          Wheat-ing the Filipino Appetite SUR
–          An Analysis of Agriculture and Fisheries Growth 1990-2002
–          Liberalization Jumpstarts Philippine Retail Food Sector*
Nov – Dec 2002 –          Tuna Industry: Moving On
–          Philippine Carrageenan: Fighting A Global War
–          An Overview of the Squid Industry
–          Food and Agriculture:  Retrospect and Prospects (FAP**)
Oct-02 –          Unwrapping the Food Packaging Industry
–          Growing on Water: A Brief on Hydroponics
–          Goldilocks Bakeshop Inc.: More than just a Fairy Tale*
Sep-02 –          Philippine Agrifood Sector Goes On-line
–          Supply and Demand Scenarios in the Beef Cattle Industry (FAP**)
Aug-02 –          The True Color of Yam
–          A Taste of the Papaya Industry
–          Philippine Agriculture in 2002 and 2003: Will El Niño Shape the Direction?  (Part II)
Jul-02 –          Sugar Confectionery: Keeping its Sweet Disposition
–          AFMA, Food Security and Biotechnology SUR
–          Philippine Agriculture In 2002-2003: Will El Niño Shape the Direction?  (Part I)
Jun-02 –          Scaling the Tilapia Industry
–          Philippine Fishery industry: Moving Beyond the Usual Catch (FAP**)
May-02 –          The Growing Industry of Private Labels
–          Nuggets of the Chicken Business
–          The International Market for Philippine Pineapples (Part II)
Apr-02 –          The International Market for Philippine Pineapples (Part I)
–          Asparagus: The Next big thing?
–          101 Facts about Rice in the Philippines (Part IV)*
Mar-02 –          Digging up the Cassava Industry
–          Towards a Long-Term Strategy for the Coconut Industry (FAP**)
–          101 Facts about Rice in the Philippines (Part III)*
Feb-02 –          A Spread of the Peanut Industry
–          Revising the Abaca Industry
–          101 facts about Rice in the Philippines (Part II)*
–          Coping in a Soft Market: The Red Ribbon Way*
Jan-02 –          Sizing up the Fruit Spreads Market
–          Condiments: Seasonings for all Seasons SUR
–          101 Facts about Rice in the Philippines (Part I)*
Dec-01 –          Cutflowers in Gloom
–          Sugar Industry: On the Rebound (FAP**)
Nov-01 –          Agriculture in 2001-2002: Sustaining Growth Amid Uncertain Times
–          Techno Foods Inc.: Surviving in an Industry of Giants
–          An Update on the Philippine Fastfood Industry (Part II)
Oct-01 –          An update on the Philippine Fast Food Industry (Part I)
–          Going Bananas
Sep-01 –          Rooting for Potato
–          The Oleochemicals Industry: Go Natural for Life SUR
Aug-01 –          Agricultural Machinery: An Industry in Waiting SUR
–          A Bite of the Philippine Chocolate Industry
–          The Food Service Industry: Coping in a Soft Market*
Jul-01 –          An Overview of the Philippine Bread Industry
–          Food and Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities
–          Challenges, Opportunities and a Call for Partnership*
Jun-01 –          Screaming for Ice Cream
–          Agriculture under the Ramos & Estrada Administration (FAP)
May-01 –          Emerging Challenges in Food Marketing
–          Golden Rice: A Precious Find SUR
–          Thai King’s Idea Give New Hope to Poor Farmers*
Apr-01 –          Traversing the Way of Franchising
–          Pearl Shakes: The New Thirst Quenchers
Mar-01 –          Feasting on the Philippine Milkfish Industry
–          Is Mindanao Really a Food Basket (FAP)
Feb-01 –          Agricultural Priorities in the Next 100 Days*
–          Instant Noodles: Serving Beyond Bowls
–          Fish Canning: Holding up under the Strain
Jan-01 –          Benchmarking: The Challenge of the Future
–          Soft drinks Companies: Asking for More of the Beverage Market
–          Food Retailing: Riding a Tidal Wave Change
Dec-00 –          Processed Meat: More than just for Convenience
–          Brewing the Coffee Industry (FAP**)
Nov-00 –          Lapping up the Philippine Dairy Market
–          Agriculture Performance and Rural Incomes in 2000 and 2001
–          Diets around the World: How the Menu Varies*
Oct-00 –          Crunching Into the Biscuits and Cookies Market
–          Bottled Water: Gobbling up the Beverage Market
–          Master’s Program in Food Systems Management – A Speech by Agriculture Sec. Edgardo J. Angara*
Sep-00 –          Canned Tuna: Coping with Global Competition
–          Grains Biotechnology:  Is there a better option? (FAP**) SUR
August 2000*** –          Ketchup: Spicing up the Condiments Market
–          Where is the cattle industry headed?
Jul-00 –          Philippine Agriculture: Performance, Prospects and Challenges
Jun-00 –          Analysis of the Impact of the Current Skirmishes on Agriculture in Mindanao and the Country (FAP)
May-00 –          Private label brands captivate Europe’s consumers
–          Asia food franchising corporation
–          Biotech and the Poor
–          Two commanding markets at opposite ends of Asia
Apr-00 –          World food prospects: Critical issues for the early 21st century
–          Food shows (why and what)
–          The role of private sector in biotechnology
Mar-00 –          Philippine Agriculture: Performance and Prospects, 1999-2000 (FAP**)
–          1999 Review of Selected commodities (FAP**)
Feb-00 –          Biotechnology for Developing-Country Agriculture: Problems and Opportunities
Jan-00 –          Banana and Other Commercial Crops